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5 Ways to Take Care of Mango Trees So That It Has Many Fruits

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

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Do you know this fruit? Fruits that have various shapes with large, medium, and small sizes. In addition, this fruit has a very delicious taste so that almost everyone likes it, it is a mango.

When ripe, the mango fruit is yellow with a soft texture, the taste is very sweet and this is what makes many people grow it.

There are those who plant it specifically in a garden, there are also those who plant it in their yard and some are now planting it in a special container. If mangoes usually have upright and large stems, things are different now. Because there are types of mango plants with stems that are not too large, do not require large enough land and the fruit is very much. This is one type of mango that is often cultivated by people because the land needed to plant it does not need to be large.

Well, so for those of you who want to already have a mango plant, you can follow the method that the author provides so that the mango tree that is owned produces a lot of fruit.

5 Ways to Take Care of Mango Trees So that they bear lots of fruit

Images by royco.co.id

1) Pruning Mango Tree Twigs

This pruning needs to be done on mango trees because pruning mango tree branches will increase the productivity of mangoes. With the reason that the branches that have been pruned will give rise to more and more new shoots, and of course will eventually produce a lot of fruit.

Then another function of pruning mango tree branches is with the aim that the mango tree is protected from pests and the most important thing is that the mango tree bears fruit quickly.

2) Providing Adequate Nutrients

Plants also need nutrients to help them develop and bear fruit. Nutrients for mango trees can come from fertilizers, sufficient water, nutrients (phosphorus and protein).

For this type of fertilizer, you can use joint-made manure with ingredients derived from animal waste or it could be from the decay of plants. And this will certainly be able to save costs in maintaining mango tree plants.

So, so that the mango tree produces a lot of fruit, it is appropriate to provide adequate nutrition to the tree.

3) Giving ZPT (Plant Regulatory Substances)

Plant Regulating Substance or commonly abbreviated as ZPT is a substance that contains the active ingredient paclobutrazol which is able to stimulate trees to produce fruit quickly.

This Plant Regulating Substance (ZPT) can be done by pouring it into the leaves of the mango tree or it can also be done by pouring it into the base of the mango tree so that the ZPT liquid will be absorbed by the roots.

However, the thing to remember is not to use Plant Regulatory Substances (ZPT) excessively just because you want to get instant results, because excessive use of PGR will have a bad impact on the mango plant.

4) Do Watering

So that the mango tree can produce a lot of fruit, then do watering regularly every week. Moreover, when summer has arrived, of course, every plant needs a lot of water to be able to help it produce fruit.

But when it is the rainy season, watering does not need to be done frequently. This is because the plants have got enough water from the rain.

5) Getting Rid of Pests

The most important thing that must be considered when having mango tree plants is the type of nuisance pests that can damage the growth of mango trees. Various types of pests will approach mango tree plants, especially when the rainy season has arrived. Mango trees will be susceptible to pest attacks during the rainy season.

There are types of pests that attack the leaves, this causes the leaves to be damaged and of course, will inhibit the emergence of fruit on the mango tree. There are also types of pests in the form of plants called parasites. The parasite will damage the structure of the stem growth on the mango tree and even the trunk of the mango tree with the parasite will die easily.

Therefore, we as plant owners must care about the health of our mango tree. If you find a nuisance pest, then immediately clean it by using a special insecticide to remove pests on mango trees.

Mango trees that are free from pests will certainly be able to produce a lot of fruit, and of course, this will be an advantage for those of us who have taken care of them.

The final word

Maybe that's all that the author can write about 5 Ways to Take Care of Mango Trees to Be Fruitful, I hope this simple article is useful for all readers wherever they are and I apologize if there are errors in writing or there are sentences that are difficult to understand.

And if you have tips or other ways to care for mango trees to produce lots of fruit, then if you are willing to share by writing them in the comments column at the bottom of this article.

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