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5 Ways to Find Jobs Quickly

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

How are you today? I hope you are always in good health, and I pray for anyone who has read this article, so that:

  1. Those who haven't got a mate, hopefully, will get a mate soon. Amen….
  2. Those who haven't got a job, hopefully, get a job. Amen….
  3. For those who are working, hopefully, their sustenance will be more abundant. Amen….
  4. Those who are in school, may the school be blessed and get useful knowledge. Amen….

Work is something that must be done by everyone to meet the needs of his life. Because by working someone will get income in the form of money and the money is used to fulfill his life.

With the income earned from work, a person can build a house, can build a business, can meet family needs, and many others.

For teenagers who work in a great company, it is certainly something that is very fun, in addition to getting a large salary, they will also get pleasant facilities. Therefore, working in a large company is the desire of everyone, including teenagers who have just finished their education.

So how do you get or find a job vacancy quickly?

Here are the steps or ways you can do to find job vacancies quickly and with the finding of job vacancies then you will then be able to make a cover letter according to the job vacancies found.

5 Ways to Find Jobs Quickly

1)   Make use of social media

Social media has a very important role in modern times like today because through social media someone will know various kinds of information provided directly, including information on job vacancies.

Social media used such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp group (WA), and so on. When someone finds out about a job vacancy opened by the company, information will spread very quickly, one of which is through social media.

Therefore, you can use social media to get various kinds of information about the latest job vacancies. In addition, social media is a very appropriate means to exchange information with friends, especially with friends who are already working so that later they can provide information if there are job vacancies that have been opened.

2)   Join a group about job vacancies

For point number 2, it is actually still connected to the point in number 1, namely by utilizing social media. So, you can join groups that are always updated to provide information about job vacancies.

There are very many job vacancies on the Facebook application, besides the WhatsApp (WA) group is also a means to provide information on job vacancies that have been opened by a company.

Therefore, if you have used an Android-based smartphone, it doesn't hurt to join groups that discuss job vacancies so that later you can determine which job to apply for.

3)   Looking for job vacancies through trusted or well-known sites

To find job vacancies, it's a good idea to take advantage of various trusted or well-known sites to provide information about job vacancies.

This trusted site can be obtained through advertisements on TV or social media, as well as on other media sites. And you should avoid being careful when looking for work through this site, this is because it is not uncommon for fraud to occur against job vacancies through a site where we still don't know where it came from.

4)   Type of work according to your own skills

Before choosing the right job, you can look at the skills possessed by yourself. It aims to avoid mistakes in choosing a job.

If we work according to the skills we have, of course, this will make us feel comfortable in completing the work, but if we work not in accordance with the skills we have, of course, this will make us feel uncomfortable in completing the work.

Therefore, before starting to look for job vacancies, you better identify the skills possessed by yourself in order to avoid mistakes in choosing a job.

5)   According to education

Yes, it is true that a job is better suited to the field of education that has been completed. Education is the best way to start work because through education everyone will gain experience and knowledge that will be very useful when they want to start looking for work.

Therefore, instill in yourself not to give up in the world of education and promise yourself to complete a minimum of high school education.

The higher the education undertaken, the more experience and knowledge one has. Experience and knowledge become something that is very valuable in every human being because with experience and knowledge it will be easy for us to get a job.

The final word

For those of you who have got a job, then be grateful and work well and correctly. As for those of you who just want to find a job, then don't despair and rest assured that one day you will find a job.    

Maybe that's all I can write about 5 Ways to Find Job Vacancies Quickly, hopefully, this simple article is useful for all readers wherever they are and I apologize if there are errors in writing or there are sentences that are difficult to understand.

And if you have tips or other ways to find job vacancies, then if you are willing to write them in the comments column at the bottom of this article.

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