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5 Best Tips for Keeping Cats

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

How are you today? I hope you are always in good health, and I pray for anyone who has read this article, so that:

  1. Those who haven't got a mate, hopefully, will get a mate soon. Amen….
  2. Those who haven't got a job, hopefully, get a job. Amen….
  3. For those who are working, hopefully, their sustenance will be more abundant. Amen….
  4. Those who are in school, may the school be blessed and get useful knowledge. Amen….

Meow….meow….meow….what animal sound is that?

Of course, it was the sound of an animal called a cat. Cats are very adorable animals, especially when they are small, cats can be playmates for children and families. Therefore, cats are one of the animals that many people take care of at home.

Cats are animals that are very easy to get along with everyone they find, cats will come to people who are around them and then stroke their heads to people.

For cat lovers, they call their group "Cat Lovers", with this group of cat lovers, the cats will be given the best possible care. In addition, cats who are sick or stray cats on the streets will be immediately treated and also kept in a cat shelter.

A cat lover group called “Cat Lovers” has a positive impact on the existence of cats in the surrounding environment. They will quickly provide assistance to cats who are having problems, and besides that these cat lovers can share their experiences or how to take good care of cats.

So, does your house have an animal called a cat? Or do you have a cat at home?

If there is already cat care, then take care of it as well as possible so that the cat is kept healthy and can do well. Cats also provide benefits when kept at home, one of which is being able to keep your kitchen from being rattled.

And here the author will give you the 5 best tips for keeping cats healthy and protected from disease.

5 Best Tips for Keeping Cats

1)  Pay attention to where the cat litters

If the cat that is kept is an animal that is always in the house, then the thing that must be considered is the place for the cat to dispose of waste.

You have to make a place to dispose of the cat's feces and so that the cat does not carelessly dispose of its feces, it would be nice to make a special place for the cat to dispose of its feces.

And so that the cat always disposes of its feces in the place that has been provided, it is better for the cat to be trained to dispose of its feces in the place provided.

The material that can be used to make a place to dispose of the cat's feces is to provide a container that has been filled with sand, which will later be used as a place to dispose of the cat's feces.

2)  Providing Special Food for Cats

Cats are also like humans, which require food, it's just that for cats there is a special food given. Special food for the cat is food that contains taurine.

The reason why the content of food in cats must contain taurine, because taurine food provides benefits for the cat, namely to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

And the thing to remember is never to give food for dogs to the cat, because the benefits of the food may be different from what is needed by the cat.

3)  Don't wash your cat too often

Cats are synonymous with humans who don't like water, therefore for those of you who want to bathe a cat, it would be nice to first make a list of cat bathing activities. For example, cats should be bathed once a week, or 2 times a week, and so on.

To bathe this cat can be done when the cat is still small so that when it reaches adulthood the cat is used to being bathed. The water used to bathe the cat in cold water, why not use hot water when bathing the cat? The reason, because hot water can damage the fur and cause skin irritation in cats.

4)  Caring for and Keeping the Cat's Body Clean

The fourth point that the admin can write is caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of the cat, as for the activities that can be done to care for and maintain the cleanliness of the cat's body, namely by cleaning the cat's teeth, ears, and nails.

Yes, it's true, cat nails need to be cut according to their needs, and don't let cat nails just lengthen. And the time to cut a cat's nails is about 2 times a week.

Next, clean the cat's eyes and ears at least once every 2 weeks. Use a special tool to clean the cat's ears. Then the cat's teeth also need to be brushed by using a special toothbrush for animals.

5)   Inviting Cats to Play

Cats are basically animals that can be invited to play, the game used is quite simple, namely only using a rope that is moved so that the cat wants to catch it.

Then another game that you can use to play with a cat is to use a ball thrown at it. And basically, cats really like moving objects.

The purpose of inviting cats to play is to relieve the boredom that exists in animals, especially for animals in cages. You can invite the cat to play outside the house, such as playing in the yard, in the field, in the garden.

The final word    

Maybe that's all I can write about the 5 best tips for keeping cats, I hope this simple article is useful for all readers wherever they are and I apologize if there are errors in writing or there are sentences that are difficult to understand. 

And if you have tips or other ways to keep cats, then if you are willing to write them in the comments column at the bottom of this article.

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