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How are you today? I wish you good health, and I pray to anyone who has read this article, that:

  1. Those who have not been able to match, hopefully they will be able to match soon. Amen
  2. Those who haven't got a job, hopefully they get a job. Amen
  3. Those who are working, hopefully the income will be more abundant. Amen
  4. Those who are currently in school, hopefully the school will be blessed and get useful knowledge. Amen

This time I'm going to write a story with the title nails on the fence. It is a term used to keep the spoken from bad words against others, and away used to correct the bad dispositions that exist within us.

What's the story?

Just read the article until it runs out!

A. Nails On The Fence

There used to be a girl who had a very bad character. When she found out and saw the child's bad character, the mother gave her son a bag of nails. At first the child was astonished at what his mother had given him, and he wondered in him what a bag of nails was for.

After giving him a bag of nails, the mother ordered her son to stick the nail on the back of the fence whenever he was angry. The child was still confused by his mother's words, but he obeyed them. So when he was angry or saying rude words, then he had to stick a nail into the fence.

The first day, the kid stuck 37 nails into the fence. However, a few weeks later he no longer stuck a nail into the back of the fence because he had succeeded and began to be able to control his anger. And the fenced nail plugs began to diminish, not as much as the first time. The child also realizes that it is easier to withstand anger than to stick nails into the fence.

Finally, there comes a time when the child can truly master him from his bad character and also never get angry again. Then he told the mother, that he had managed to become a person who could really master himself from his grumpy nature. The mother smiled at the child's story. And the mother suggested to the child that he could pull out the nail that had been plugged into the fence whenever he could master his anger.

After a few days, the child again reported and told the mother, that she managed to pull out all the nails that were stuck in the fence. Then the mother immediately held the child's hand and took him to the fence where he stuck and pulled the nail. Then the mother said, "You're well behaved now, son, but look at those fenced holes. The fence will never be the same as it used to be, it becomes dirty and full of nail puncture holes. When you get angry, the words you say cause wounds just like those fenced holes."

Just like you can stick a knife in someone's body and pull it out. It doesn't matter how much you say: I'm sorry, but that wound will remain there and never go away. It's a wound that's as painful as your mouth.

Friends are precious pearls, they make you smile, encourage you to succeed, listen to your complaints, say praises to you and always have a chest for you. So do not grieve over what you say.

B. Wisdom Of The Above Story

There are various terms that correspond to the description of the story above, including;

1. Keep your mouth shut so as not to hurt others

In television and in newspapers we may have seen or read news stories about murder or other violence because of the heartache caused by what someone has said to others. Therefore we must take good care of this oral, never try to vilify others because of our dislike of it. peace is when life is without enemies or people who are hurt by our speech.

2. Think before you say

Therefore, it is very important to think first before saying. We see first who the person we are talking to, if the person is not easily offended, then we can talk with jokes, but if the person has an irritable disposition it is better to speak roughly, or it is better to be silent.

3. The tongue is sharp than the knife

Therefore, we are encouraged to apologize to each other, be it to our family, relatives, neighbors, friends. And never to repeat it if it's already sorry. 

If we make a mistake with the words that have been made, then the speech will always be inside someone, and it will be very difficult to eliminate it, but if the wound is caused by a knife, it will easily disappear and will never go too deep.

if there is a sentence that is difficult to read, I apologize professed. hopefully, this article is useful for all readers everywhere.

"Life will be at peace if no one is harmed by what we say"

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