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5 Good Tips To Maintain Body Health During a Pandemic

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

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How are you today? I hope you are always in good health, and I pray for anyone who has read this article, so that:

  1. For those who haven't got a mate, hopefully, they will get a mate soon. Amen….
  2. Those who haven't got a job, hopefully, get a job. Amen….
  3. For Those who are working, hopefully, their sustenance will be more abundant. Amen….
  4. Those who are in school, may the school be blessed and get useful knowledge. Amen…

The Covid-19 pandemic is still not over, on television, the internet, and magazines we can find information about the impact of this covid-19.

Since the onset of COVID-19, various habits have begun to be implemented, such as wearing a mask when outside the house, keeping a distance from everyone you meet, and always washing your hands. All of that is a form to keep ourselves from being exposed to viruses that can be transmitted anywhere.

Then what must be done so as not to be easily exposed to the virus is to take care of your own body health. With a healthy body, we don't get sick easily and at least we can prevent getting the virus.

Here are 5 tips to maintain a healthy body during a pandemic like now, namely:

1) Consuming Nutritious Food

Of course, the main thing that can be done to keep the body healthy is to consume nutritious foods. Nutritious food can come from vegetables, as well as fruits. Vegetables and fruits can provide vitamins, minerals, and energy which is certainly good for the health of the body.

2) Sleep Regularly

For a healthy body, sleeping regularly is one of the keys that must be done. Why is that? Because when you sleep, your entire body is in a resting position, except for the heart, which is still functioning properly. While other body parts can rest when we are asleep, therefore don't be surprised when you wake up from sleep your body feels more comfortable and relaxed.

Therefore, sleep becomes a gift for humans to relieve fatigue after being busy with various activities. So, getting enough sleep makes the body more comfortable and of course, the most important thing is that regular sleep can provide health for the body.

3) Regular Exercise

Sometimes being busy with work activities makes someone forget to exercise, even though exercise is very important for the health of our bodies. By exercising our limbs are more active to make movements, for example, hands, body, feet are more active when exercising.

You need to make a schedule to exercise every day, even with simple movements and also with a short time. At least there are movements that are made to maintain the health of our bodies.

Then another function of exercising is to be able to maintain heart health, therefore for a healthier heart, it can be done by exercising regularly.

Especially during a pandemic like now, exercising is a priority that must be done to keep the body healthy. 

4) Avoid Excessive Stress

Stress arises because of a disturbance in our thinking. Thought disorders appear in the form of hallucinations that are not yet known the truth. Stress can make our bodies chaotic, and of course, the bad impact is that the health of the body will decline.

So that stress does not occur, think positively and also do an activity that can certainly make us busier, the activities that can be done are in accordance with the hobbies you have.

If we have a hobby of gardening, then busy ourselves with activities for gardening. And if our hobby is doing activities in a community, then we must be very active in that community activity.

With the activities carried out, the feeling of stress due to the burden of thinking that has accumulated is controlled. Because we are busy with the activities that are being carried out.

Then another form of activity that can be done so as not to stress is to do worship according to their respective beliefs. By worshiping the mind will be calmer so that later it will have an impact on our bodies.

5) Communicating With Family

The last thing you can do is establish communication with your own family. If you are already married, then the thing that can be done is to establish communication with them, for example by inviting the children to play together, then communicating with your wife to determine activities that can be done during the holidays.

A harmonious family is a family that can maintain good communication because, with good communication, family members can mutually strengthen and understand each other. This mutual understanding will lead to a sense of affection which will later serve as a medicine to keep us healthy.

The Final Word

Maybe that's all I can write about 5 tips for maintaining a healthy body during a pandemic like today. Hopefully, this simple article is useful for all readers wherever they are, and apologize if there are errors in writing or there are sentences that are difficult to understand.

And for those of you who know other tips on how to maintain health during a pandemic like now, so if you can write them in the comments column at the bottom of this article.

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